Top 10 Ways To Survive In The Wilderness

Will I live?

If you want to survive in the wilderness, there are techniques for that, and they should be followed to ensure that your wildness experience is great. You require making sure that your altitude is OK or else your experience in the wilderness will be tough.
You can learn many survival skills in the wilderness. Below information contains some important things that are required for the survival in the wilderness.

1. Survival Kit

First and foremost, having a survival kit is necessary, It is a basic requirement if you are planning to travel places. You never know what emergencies you may have to face in the journey. Survival preparedness is something that you should always have to ready.  The list of your survival kits must involve the devices and gears that are necessary for any urgent situations.

2. Shelter

The shelter is the first thing you need to put into consideration. Many people will not survive in a changeable weather condition for a long time. Therefore, your shelter will serve as a protective gear for you ensuring that you rest and sleep comfortably.

3. How to make fire.

The next skill you should learn is making fire. Ensure that you know how to make a fire in different climatic conditions. Wet and dry conditions for instance. Fire is used for many purposes. You can use it to warm yourself, cook food, purify water or even sterilize your bandages.

4. Water.

Water is a necessity in the wilderness. A human being can live for several days without food, but only a few days without water. Lack of water causes dehydration. In the wilderness, you should try as much as possible to prevent water loss. For instance; rest, keep cool, look for shelter, and stay in the shade.

5. Find food in the wilderness.

It is critical to look for food in the wilderness, but it is not an essential. You can stay for several weeks without food but ensure to keep your energy.

6. The signal for help.

You need to learn how to signal for help before you go into the wilderness. A two-way radio, a cell phone, or a whistle is important. If you don’t have them, you can use visual signs. You can also use fire, mirror, flares, flashlight, and smoke depending on the materials that you have.

7. Finding the direction

Do not rely on the compass. You may get lost while in the wilderness. Instead, learn how to use nature to get direction. Nature will give you the ways to determine the direction to go including the moon, the sun, stars, the wind, and even plants. With terrain knowledge and these natural methods, you are sure to get a true direction.

8. First aid

The basic principles to learn while in the wilderness are First aid. You need to understand how to give first aid in any stressful or hard situation. You may get hurt, or something bites you. What would you do if you don’t know how to give the first aid? Learning the basic first aid principles will assist you in every situation in the wilderness.  You can also download the American Red Cross apps.  They can help you in case of emergency.

9. How to predict the weather.

You need to learn basics of weather prediction. This will ensure to assist you in taking appropriate action before worst comes. It will also help in keeping you out of trouble.

10. Have a Knife or a gun

A knife or a gun will help to make you feel secure. You can use shotguns as a firearm for wilderness protection. Apart from protection, a knife can also help you make a shelter to secure you from any elements, animals, or in certain situations. If you can’t make a tent, make sure that you have a knife to cut some materials that can help to make a shelter.

Your survival is important remember you are number 1

Your survival skills will assist you in any disastrous situation in the wilderness. When you travel, be sure you have the important things to survive. You may not bring all but having the most essential tool is one of the best way to survive in a dire situation. Also, a lot of people have no skills or any knowledge of wilderness survival. For this reason, several people will only survive in groups. Ensure that you learn all the skills as much as you can from the people who have been there or those that can tutor you

Written by: mongera