Survivalism is not about crazy lunatics

Why do people think that when you talk about survival.  That you are some guy living in the back woods.  Drinking his own urine and complaining how the government has it in for me.  Most of use are just common people who want to be prepared if the unthinkable happens.  We are not nuts.  We know a zombie apocalypse is not going to happen (or is it)?  Survivalists just want to be prepared if it does happen.  Just think of as over thinkers that say I told you so when it does.

Our society has become depending on things like TV, electricity, cable, internet, indoor cooking, and etc.  These are nice things to have but what do you do when mother nature takes them away.  I will say it is nice to have GPS but a compass works well.  If you ask a teenager to read a map.  They might bring up Google maps to point you in the right direction.  Honestly, I have used this more than once.  It beats looking at a paper map (do they still have these) driving through a metropolitan area.  Did that in the 90’s way to much :-D.  I think as survivalist we can do without technology.  Yet, if it is there why not use it.

As you are seeing with the two recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma, as well as Katrina back in the day.  The need to have a emergency plan as well as some survival equipment is pretty much esencial if you want to make your life easier through the natural disaster. tornadoes can hit at any time with their high wides.  Communities can be leveled by these disasters.

Preparation is key

We can study get better information.  The web has several apps and websites that focus mainly on survival.  What you can do?  What you should do?  Learn first aid.  Learn a foreign language.  Team work is key when surviving and communication is essential might as well brush up.

When all hell breaks loose make sure you are prepared.  Something to light a fire, a clean water filter, weapons (for food), clothing (heat and cold weather), knife, wood (dry), and a plan.

Survival handbook because knowledge is key.  When the phone power dies and you don’t have a charger.  A good book is always useful knowledge but we all know this.

For preperation of your emergency bag I would check out our article Top 10 Ways To Survive In The Wilderness this might help you.  Although climate and conditons could effect what type of bag you want to have prepared.  Multiple bags might be needed.