Plasma Coupon

Biolife coupon (PDF File easy to print or just download they can scan your phone while image is on the screen)  You can make $300 in five donation with this coupon.  I wish I would have had a coupon for my first donation.  I would have made allot more money.  I do have my name has the referrer if you want to use someone else to refer you can.  Not a problem, if you don’t have someone that could use the free money I would appreciate it if you would use me.  Like I said you don’t have to.  I am just happy you are donating.

Plasma often is a life saving gift because it is the essential starting material needed to manufacture therapies that help thousands of people worldwide with rare, chronic diseases to live healthier, productive and fulfilling lives.

I use BioLife for my donations I have included a coupon that you can easily print.  To manufacture these vital therapies an adequate supply of plasma is needed.  BioLife has many facilities that cover the United States.  The nice thing is the donations or donating.  I get about $70 a week for two hours of work.  Sit in a chair and pump my hand.  Make sure you drink plenty of water.  Some people have a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to help speed up the donation process.  This haven’t worked for me but I have small veins in my arm 🙁  They usually have to have the veteran phlebotomists tap my blood.

Another trick I use is with the money.  They give you a prepaid credit card that your money gets deposited into.  Now there are fees with this card.  Makes it simple you them and people are not getting robbed outside BioLife.  Here is the trick I wait till the end of the week.  My second donation of the week then I log into the bank card website.  Which I think it is a Citibank site.  I log in and direct deposit the money into my account.  This does come with a fee 🙁 but there is not way around that.  The fee is like $1.95 so I deposit 68.05 into my regular bank account.  If you take the card to an ATM you will be charge the 1.95 plus extra ATM fees.  I just direct deposit wait two days.  Which I do the transaction on a Saturday.  They money shows up into the account the next Tuesday.  Just food for thought if are getting into this you might as well keep as much money as possible.  Some months like this one they offer a bonus of $30 if you make 7 donation in a month.

To explain the two days in a week let me explain it to you like this.  I donate on Thursday and Saturday.  There must be a rest day in between your two days of donation.  The calendar week is from Monday to Saturday (most centers are not open on Sundays).  So if I donate on Monday and Saturday there is plenty of time between those days that I donate.  However, if I donated on Friday I could not go in Saturday there has to be a day of rest between donations.

Some centers treat you like cattle get you through the process.  You have to keep in mind this is not a hospital.  You are on their dime.  Somethings a hospital would do plasma centers don’t really do.  They are healthy and clean don’t get me wrong.  They are licensed by each state your center is in.  It’s the little thinks like covering up the need.  Most hospitals have went with the small plastic straws to draw blood or set an IV.  They still use needs and don’t cover up the needle with tape so the patient can’t see it.  Mainly you are not a patient in these centers you are a donator.  You are there to give your plasma and make money.  That is how they see you once you go in enough times they become very friendly toward you.  Mainly you know the routine making their life easier and their stats better.

I hope you donating it is helping people all the while making money.