Cosplay Halloween Spartan Warrior Ancient Rome Spartacus Plastic Helmet

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Gender: : Unisex
Age Range: : Grownups
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Material: : Plastic
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Model Number: : Sparta
Type: : Warrior Helmet
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A great piece for Cosplay if you are playing a Spartan warrior character or for Halloween.  Play as group as Leonidas  and his brave 300 making their last stand for all of Sparta.  This is plastic not metal.  It is a prop not to be used in real combat or any form of combat.  If you have a problem with the item let us know we offer a 14-day money back guarantee.  This item is coming from China and is shipped via ePacket so the delay is usually 7-16 days after a two to three day processing delay.

According to Wikipedia the story of Leonidas goes as:

“In August 480 BC, Leonidas marched out of Sparta to meet Xerxes‘ army at Thermopylae with a small force of 1,200 men (900 helots and 300 Spartan hoplites), where he was joined by forces from other Greek city-states, who put themselves under his command to form an army of 7,000 strong. There are various theories on why Leonidas was accompanied by such a small force of hoplites. According to Herodotus, “the Spartans sent the men with Leonidas on ahead so that the rest of the allies would see them and march with no fear of defeat, instead of medizing like the others if they learned that the Spartans were delaying. After completing their festival Carneia, they left their garrison at Sparta and marched in full force towards Thermopylae. The rest of the allies planned to do likewise, for the Olympiad coincided with these events. They accordingly sent their advance guard, not expecting the war at Thermopylae to be decided so quickly.”[15] Many modern commentators are unsatisfied with this explanation and point to the fact that the Olympic Games were in progress or impute internal dissent and intrigue.

Whatever the reason Sparta’s own contribution was just 300 Spartiates (accompanied by their attendants and probably perioikoi auxiliaries), the total force assembled for the defense of the pass of Thermopylae came to something between four and seven thousand Greeks. They faced a Persian army who had invaded from the north of Greece under Xerxes I. Herodotus stated that this army consisted of over two million men; modern scholars consider this to be an exaggeration and give estimates ranging from 70,000 to 300,000.[16]

Xerxes waited four days to attack, hoping the Greeks would disperse. Finally, on the fifth day the Persians attacked. Leonidas and the Greeks repulsed the Persians’ frontal attacks for the fifth and sixth days, killing roughly 10,000 of the enemy troops. The Persian elite unit known to the Greeks as “the Immortals” was held back, and two of Xerxes’ brothers (Abrocomes and Hyperanthes) died in battle.[17] On the seventh day (August 11), a Malian Greek traitor named Ephialtes led the Persian general Hydarnes by a mountain track to the rear of the Greeks.[18] At that point Leonidas sent away all Greek troops and remained in the pass with his 300 Spartans, 900 Helots, and 700 Thespians who refused to leave. The Thespians stayed entirely of their own will, declaring that they would not abandon Leonidas and his followers. Their leader was Demophilus, son of Diadromes, and as Herodotus writes: “Hence they lived with the Spartans and died with them.”

One theory provided by Herodotus is that Leonidas sent away the remainder of his men because he cared about their safety. The King would have thought it wise to preserve those Greek troops for future battles against the Persians, but he knew that the Spartans could never abandon their post on the battlefield. The soldiers who stayed behind were to protect their escape against the Persian cavalry. Herodotus himself believed that Leonidas gave the order because he perceived the allies to be out of heart and unwilling to encounter the danger to which his own mind was made up. He therefore chose to dismiss all troops except the Thespians and Helots and save the glory for the Spartans.[14]

Of the small Greek force, attacked from both sides, all were killed except for the 400 Thebans, who surrendered to King Xerxes without a fight. Leonidas was killed, but the Spartans retrieved his body after driving back the Persians four times and protected it. Herodotus says that Xerxes’ orders were to have Leonidas’ head cut off and put on a stake and his body crucified. This was considered sacrilegious.[19]”  

Story of Leonidas was provided by Wikipedia

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